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Hello, I’m MOHAMED. Nice to have you here!

Hello, I’m MOHAMED. Nice to have you here! a self-taught Golang programmer who started learning the language in late 2016. Initially, I was looking for a new programming language to learn and decided to try Golang because it seemed to be relatively new and had a lot of potential. Little did I know that this decision would change my life completely. Since then, I’ve been tirelessly working on learning as much about the language as possible and pushing myself to become a better programmer. My passion is teaching and helping others learn programming. So whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, One ore more blog posts can help you get started with Go programmer or other technologies I come across. In addition to tutorials and videos Self taught and passionate web developer, sharing my journey from novice to advanced web developer. I pride myself on being able to teach anyone how to code, and I believe that every individual should have access to the power of coding. My courses are designed for complete beginners, but you can also find tips and tricks for more experienced developers.

golang missing function body or unexpected semicolon

MariaDB: Docker compose and Docker run

Lets see how MariaDb works in a docker container

9 Google analytics compared

Analytics tools: Google analytics vs the alternatives

HGoogle Analytics is the most popular of the web analytics tools. But are there alternatives? What are they and how do they work?.

golang missing function body or unexpected semicolon

Golang missing function body or unexpected semicolon

In this tutorial we learn how to fix two common Go syntax problems, and how to format the text properly.

2022-05-24 368 words 2 min
golang variables

Golang variables everything you need to know

In this long and detailed blog post we learn everything about variables in the Go programing language

2022-05-24 2487 words 12 min

Blogging for developers

How blogging can help your IT journey

Algeria social media platforms usage

Algeria’s LinkedIn, online population and other statistics

How many Algeria users are there on the LinkedIn userbase, and how that reflects over the entire population.

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Hello Go

Say hello to the Go lang